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Get a whiter smile with teeth whitening from your East Gwillimbury, ON dentist

The appearance of your smile plays a big role in how people perceive you. A bright white smile helps you to portray youth, vitality, and health. Professional teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental process that will remove discolouration and stains to lighten and brighten the teeth. At Harvest Hills Dental Care, we offer professional at-home teeth whitening so our patients in East Gwillimbury and Newmarket can experience the benefits of a vibrant, white smile.

Why choose professional teeth whitening

When it comes to choosing which method of at-home teeth whitening to use, the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming

Teeth whitening solutions are designed to address extrinsic teeth staining, which is caused by factors such as dark coloured foods and beverages, tobacco, tartar build up, and age. In most cases over the counter kits are largely ineffective because they only bleach the outer surface of the teeth and do not address stains that reached deep inside the teeth. Additionally, they often use harsh chemicals, which can cause pain and sensitivity inside the mouth.

Professional teeth whitening, on the other hand, uses a dentist-prescribed whitening gel and custom-fitted trays. The gels often consist of a high level of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which allows them to more effectively lift stains and lighten the enamel. The custom-fitted trays protect the gums and allow the gel to stay on the teeth for longer in order to achieve optimal results.

Using professional at-home whitening trays

In order to obtain professional at-home whitening kits, you’ll need to schedule a consultation at our office. During your visit, we will take impressions and send them off to a lab for custom fabrication of your trays. From there, you will follow these steps during treatment.

  1. It’s important to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth prior to applying the dental trays.
  2. Trays should be worn for approximately 1 hour each day for two weeks. It’s important to refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking while the trays are in and for 30 minutes after removing them.
  3. Once the two weeks is up, you will return to the office for a follow-up visit to evaluate the results.
  4. You will be able to keep the whitening trays and gel to use for periodic touch-ups as needed.

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