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The importance of dental hygiene for patients in East Gwillimbury, near Newmarket, ON

At Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, we want all our patients to enjoy the many benefits of having healthy teeth and gums. Because you only get one set of adult teeth, taking care of them is the key to oral health. Good dental hygiene at home coupled with routine dental examinations and cleanings are a big part of attaining that goal.

Why dental hygiene is important

With 32 permanent teeth, it may seem like you could survive without all of them. However, there are many reasons why you would want to protect all 32 teeth with dental hygiene.

  • Each tooth plays a different and specific role in biting and chewing food which is essential for proper digestion.
  • Problems with the teeth can lead to an increased risk of health problems in other areas of the body.
  • Healthy teeth are important for clear breathing so that bacteria and plaque don’t cause problems with your airways.
  • Straight teeth keep the bite in balance which reduces the stress on your jaw joints.
  • An attractive, healthy smile is important for self-confidence as well as expressing yourself non-verbally and verbally with others.

What to expect with dental hygiene in East Gwillimbury, near Newmarket, ON

During your dental hygiene appointments, you will relax in one of our comfortable chairs while our hygienist cleans your teeth, removing any plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to decay and gum disease. Special attention is given to the areas between teeth where food particles can become trapped and difficult to remove. We then clean the teeth to remove surface stains so you can leave with a fresh, clean feeling smile.

As part of this appointment, the dentist will examine the mouth, looking for any early signs of problems so that treatment can be applied as quickly as possible. We also perform oral cancer screenings during these appointments.

Protect the teeth you are given – schedule your dental hygiene visit today

Routine checkups are an important part of your oral health and preventing unnecessary problems that could lead to losing teeth and expensive dental restorations. Paired with good at-home oral care, you can play a proactive role in achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth. To schedule your appointment, call Harvest Hills Dental Care today at (365) 659-1008.

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