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White fillings in East Gwillimbury, near Newmarket, ON

If you are experiencing an aching tooth or an increase in sensitivity to hot or cold foods, you could have a cavity. When decay forms inside your tooth, it can lead to these symptoms and pain. To restore the tooth and eliminate the discomfort, the dentist may recommend a filling. At Harvest Hills Dental Care, we provide patients in East Gwillimbury, and Newmarket, ON with tooth coloured white fillings which are a strong and natural looking way to restore the tooth to its full function.

Silver vs. White Fillings

If you’ve had a cavity filled in the past, you might already have a silver amalgam filling in your mouth. While these fillings were once the standard due to their perceived strength and longevity, they often stick out in the smile, detracting from its appearance. With white fillings made of composite resin filling, you can have a more natural-looking and biocompatible restoration.

Composite resin fillings are matched to the natural colour of your teeth, so the filling should not be visible at all within the tooth. White fillings are preferred by most of our patients in East Gwillimbury, ON due to their look, strength, and feel.

If you have a tooth that has an old silver amalgam filling, we can safely replace that fillings with a beautiful, functional white filling.

The process for white fillings

The dentist will begin by removing the plaque and decay or existing filling from the tooth. The area is then sanitized and dried. To ensure that the direct filling bonds strongly to the tooth, the surface is etched and coated with a gel. The next step is to place the composite resin material directly into the area and shape the filling so that it matches the natural contours of the tooth. A special curing light is used to harden the filling and the dentist will then file and shape the filling so that the bite looks and feels natural.

Benefits of white fillings:

  • Can be used to restore teeth with cavities and as a bonding solution for cracked or worn teeth
  • Colour-matched to your natural tooth colour for a natural appearance
  • Less preparation needed when compared to silver amalgam fillings

At Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, ON, we are happy to provide patients with strong, beautiful restorations like white fillings. To book an appointment, call us at (365) 659-1008.

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