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What are the benefits of sports mouthguards?

Benefits of Sports Mouthguards in Gwillimbury Area

If you are located in the East Gwillimbury, Ontario, community and beyond and are interested in playing sports, the team at Harvest Hills Dental Care may strongly suggest the fabrication and use of a sports mouthguard. Sports mouthguards are appliances worn over the teeth during involvement in certain sports to protect the teeth and gums from injury. In some instances, a blow to the face or mouth can cause a chipped or even knocked-out tooth, and using a sports mouthguard can significantly reduce one’s risk of serious damage to the smile. Our dentists educate patients at the office to help them … Continue reading

Can TMJ disorder treatment include oral appliance therapy?

TMJ Disorder Treatment Near Me East Gwillimbury ON Area

A diagnosis of TMJ disorder may leave you confused as to what you can do to find relief from pain and discomfort. At Harvest Hills Dental Care of East Gwillimbury, Ontario, our providers are skilled in offering solutions to help. For many patients, TMJ disorder is effectively treated with oral appliance therapy as the primary treatment option. What are the symptoms of TMJ disorder? Individuals who are diagnosed with TMJ disorder often have the following complaints: Pain or discomfort in the jaw joint Limited range of motion in the jaw Chronic tension headaches and migraines Popping and clicking of the … Continue reading

Does it hurt to have porcelain veneers placed?

Porcelain Teeth Veneers Near East Gwillimbury ON Area

While porcelain veneers continue to be a popular way for patients to obtain a perfect smile, many patients who visit Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, are curious about the process of placing them. They may have fears about this procedure being uncomfortable. Still, many are excited to learn that placing porcelain veneers on the teeth is an easy and relaxing treatment performed without pain! Let’s discover more about porcelain veneers! What are porcelain veneers? Our Harvest Hills Dental Care dentists describe porcelain veneers as thin shells of ceramic bonded directly to the front of your teeth. They are … Continue reading

Why might I need oral dental X-rays?

Dental X Rays Services Near Me East Gwillimbury Area

When you visit the dentist regularly, you will find that there are many diagnostic tools that the team at Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, can use. With tools such as intraoral cameras and digital dental X-rays, patients have access to the services they need to achieve and maintain oral health and wellness. Dental X-rays play an important role in both preventative and diagnostic dentistry and are readily available for patients at our practice. We are also excited to offer digital dental X-ray services, which expose patients to less radiation and provide fast, easy-to-see images of the smile for evaluation purposes. Why … Continue reading

What dentist accepts the Healthy Smiles Program near me?

Dentist Who Accept Healthy Smiles Near Me East Gwillimbury Area

If you are a low-income family and your child is in need of necessary dental care, it might be time to learn more about the Healthy Smiles Program available in your area. The Harvest Hills Dental Care team in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, is excited to accept this program for children in their office. What is the Healthy Smiles Program? The Healthy Smiles Program in Canada is a federal program that helps provide dental care to children from lower-income families. The program covers basic preventive and emergency services for eligible youth 17 years of age and younger, including regular check-ups, cleanings, fillings, X-rays, and other … Continue reading

Dentist near me offering dental hygienic services for patients

Dental Hygienic Services Near Me East Gwillimbury Area

Good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining optimal dental health. It includes brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing regularly, and visiting the dentist at least once a year for professional cleanings and checkups. Taking care of your teeth can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems that can lead to pain and discomfort, as well as costly treatments down the road. Patients in the East Gwillimbury, Ontario area, interested in learning about dental hygienic services and ways to care for their smile are encouraged to book an appointment with the Harvest Hills Dental Care team. Why is it important to see … Continue reading

Enjoy dental crown services at Harvest Hills Dental Care

Teeth Crown Services in East Gwillimbury Area

At Harvest Hills Dental Care, we provide East Gwillimbury, Ontario, area patients with a selection of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions to improve their smiles. When it comes to broken or damaged teeth, dental crowns may be the obvious choice. This is because these dental “caps” are the best service for adding strength and protecting the natural tooth structure underneath. What is a dental crown? Our dentists describe the dental crown as a porcelain or metal cap placed on top of a tooth. This piece fits snugly over the entire affected area, restoring the appearance and function of your … Continue reading

Where can I find quality orthodontic services near me?

Orthodontic Services Near Me East Gwillimbury Area

A straight, beautiful smile is often at the top of a patient’s list when it comes to improving their smiles. At Harvest Hills Dental Care, we provide orthodontic services for patients seeking treatment “near me” in the East Gwillimbury, Ontario, community and beyond. Below are the two methods of teeth alignment services available at our office with our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Savita Singh: Invisalign. A popular teeth alignment service chosen by many of our patients is Invisalign. This particular method of orthodontic treatments achieves results with customized acrylic trays patients wear over their natural dental arch. Patients can remove and … Continue reading

Restore the smile using implants to replace missing teeth

Teeth Implants Dentist in East Gwillimbury ON Area

At Harvest Hills Dental Care of East Gwillimbury, Ontario, our dentists provide dental solutions for patients of all ages. This includes restoring the smile after tooth loss or extraction. While there are several options available to patients when it comes to replacing missing teeth, it is wise to consider all alternatives and determine which solutions you are a proper candidate for. One popular treatment is that of the dental implant, which can replace one, several, or all the teeth in the smile. What are dental implants? The Harvest Hills Dental Care team describes dental implants as artificial tooth root replacements … Continue reading

Where to find denture services near me

Dentures Service Near Me East Gwillimbury ON Area

When patients think of dentures, they might think of their grandparents’ set of false teeth that look completely unnatural and fail to stay in place. Fortunately, dentures have come a long way with time and are more natural-looking than ever. Additionally, patients have several choices when it comes to keeping their dentures in place. The residents of Harvest Hills Dental Care in the East Gwillimbury, Ontario area, can speak with Dr. Jameela Jifri and her team about the advantages of dentures for replacing missing teeth. What are dentures? The Harvest Hills Dental Care team describes dentures as special appliances designed to replace one, … Continue reading

Visit our office to obtain dental cavity filling services

Dental Cavity Filling Services in East Gwillimbury ON Area

At Harvest Hills, Dental Care of East Gwillimbury, Ontario, new and returning patients, and families can get the care they need to look and feel their best. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of cavities. Dental health is important, and keeping the smile free from periodontal disease and tooth decay is essential to maintaining a healthy smile for life. If these issues arise, early detection is critical for addressing them before they become serious. What is a dental cavity? A cavity is an area of tooth decay that can occur due to poor oral hygiene and harmful bacteria in the mouth. Left untreated, cavities can … Continue reading

Enjoy quality dental services, including the fabrication and placement of porcelain veneers

Dental Veneers Services in East Gwillimbury ON Area

Porcelain veneers are an excellent solution for patients with imperfections of the smile that show when they laugh, talk, and socialize. These are just one of many services for our patients at our East Gwillimbury, Ontario practice, Harvest Hills Dental Care. Dr. Jameela Jifri and her dental team are committed to ensuring patients have choices when it comes to enhancing the appearance of their smiles with affordable yet quality restorations. What is the goal of porcelain veneers? Dental veneers are a cosmetic treatment commonly used to improve the appearance of teeth. They correct various esthetic issues, including stains, chips, cracks, and misshapen … Continue reading

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