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Is it better to do a root canal or extraction?

Is it better to do a root canal or extraction in Gwillimbury Area

Maintaining a natural smile for life can be troublesome if problems arise over time. This is why preventative care is vital to the longevity of the teeth and gums. However, when issues develop, such as infection inside of a tooth, it may require the assistance of a dental professional to address them. Our dentists at Harvest Hills Dental Care of East Gwillimbury, Ontario, are here to help you decide what treatments you might need. Certain conditions may require specific procedures, including root canal therapy or dental extractions. Let’s learn about each and which one is the most desirable choice.

Is it better to do a root canal or an extraction?

When it comes to saving a natural tooth, a root canal is usually the best option. When you undergo a root canal procedure, the infected nerve and pulp inside your tooth will be removed. The remaining space is cleaned and sealed off to prevent bacteria from entering, restoring the tooth’s strength and function. Root canals may be used to relieve severe pain caused by infection or decay.

Root canal therapy is an extensive procedure that is done to save a tooth from extraction. If a root canal cannot be performed because damage or infection is significant, the tooth may need to be removed. Removal of a tooth cannot be undone and requires patients to consider tooth replacement options available to them, such as bridges, dentures, or implants. It is best to attempt a root canal to save the natural tooth structure whenever it is possible.

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Root canal treatment vs. tooth extraction

Whenever possible, our doctors recommend maintaining a natural tooth in its placement. But if you need root canal therapy or extractions, our team can assist. At Harvest Hills Dental Care, we provide both treatments to eliminate the need for referral to another dental professional in the East Gwillimbury, ON, area. Call (365) 659-1008 to request an initial evaluation with our team and determine if you are a candidate for root canal therapy. The office is open to new patients at 181 Green Lane East #2.

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