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Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentist in East Gwillimbury Area

The wisdom teeth, otherwise referred to as the third molars are the very last teeth to develop within the smile. Because of this, they can often be problematic. Some patients may be able to keep their wisdom teeth, while others may be told by their East Gwillimbury, Ontario, dentist that removal is best.

Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

A difficult decision you may face as a patient is whether or not to have your wisdom teeth removed. Many factors, including your oral health, the condition and location of the teeth, and your personal goals for treatment, can complicate this decision. However, there are several common signs that you may need to consider having your wisdom teeth removed. These signs include:

  • Pain in the jaw or frequent headaches caused by pressure from impacted wisdom teeth
  • Cavities between adjacent molars due to crowding from impacted wisdom teeth
  • Decay or other damage around an impacted tooth caused by food debris being trapped in this area
  • Swelling or inflammation near any of your wisdom teeth

If you are experiencing any of the above signs or have other concerns about the health of your wisdom teeth, it is important to consult a qualified dental team for an evaluation. With proper care and treatment, your wisdom teeth could be successfully removed, allowing you to achieve optimal oral health and wellness.

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What methods of removal may be performed?

Wisdom teeth removal provided by our dentists may be done either surgically or with a simple extraction. One requires cutting into the gums to access the wisdom tooth that has not yet erupted, while the other uses special instruments to remove a tooth that is visible and accessible. Simple extractions are less invasive but are not always possible if the wisdom tooth or teeth are impacted.

How do I learn more about wisdom tooth extraction near me?

If you live in the East Gwillimbury, ON area and believe you may benefit from wisdom tooth extraction, it is time to connect with our professionals at Harvest Hills Dental Care for an evaluation. Call (365) 659-1008 to request an appointment at our office at 181 Green Lane East, Suite #2. We are always open for new and returning patients and families in the surrounding communities as well.

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