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Tooth Root Canal Service in East Gwillimbury: 3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Tooth Root Canal Service in East Gwillimbury Area

A root canal procedure is sometimes needed when the nerves within the root of the tooth become infected. During a root canal, the infected nerves are removed, and a resin is put in their place. This keeps the primary structure of the tooth in place but eliminates the cause of your pain. If patients in East Gwillimbury are experiencing the following symptoms, a root canal might be in order.

Tooth Pain That Is Persistent

When a nerve gets infected, it will result in a sharp, persistent pain that doesn’t go away. Bacteria can make their way to the nerve through cavities or damage to the surface of the tooth. Cracks and chips sometimes are not as noticeable as cavities and may lead to structural damage that may require a root canal if the tooth is to be properly repaired.

Chips or Cracks in the Tooth

Chips and cracks are often the results of an accident. They may also be the result of wearing different types of piercings or orthodontic braces. No matter what causes the chips and cracks, leaving them unattended can result in severe mouth pain. If you think that one of your teeth may be cracked or chipped, call your dentist right away to get it fixed properly.

Sensitive to Hot and Cold

Another sign that you may be in need of a root canal is sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Consuming things like:

  • cold beverages
  • hot beverages
  • ice cream
  • hot soup

Can be extremely painful. Avoiding these foods may eliminate the discomfort, but it won’t eliminate the problem.

If you reside in East Gwillimbury, ON, you can get the information you need on root canals by calling Harvest Hills Dental Care. Schedule an appointment with One of our dentists  as soon as you begin to feel any pain or discomfort. New patients can call us at (365) 659-1008, and existing patients can call us at (905) 953-1000 to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait! Get your appointment scheduled today so you can get your teeth taken care of as soon as possible.

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