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Expert Root Canal Procedure in East Gwillimbury, ON

Expert Root Canal Procedure in East Gwillimbury, ON Area

If decay breaches the surface of your tooth, it may spread into the interior chambers, infecting the pulpy center of your tooth. When this happens, it can threaten the root structures of your tooth, potentially requiring extraction. Root canal therapy is an easy, safe procedure that can save your tooth from extraction.

Patients in East Gwillimbury, ON can receive diagnosis and guidance for root canal treatments from the board-certified dentists at Harvest Hills Dental Care. Each doctor on staff has firsthand experience handling patients in need of root canal therapy.

What to Expect from Your Root Canal Treatment

The most effective method of treating tooth decay is prevention. Regular flossing, brushing, and routine check-ups with your dentist will go a long way toward preventing more complicated issues down the line. That said, even the most avid hygiene practitioners can fall victim to infection or proliferating bacteria.

This can lead to decay, and decay on the surface of your tooth may require fillings or other treatments. If the decay breaches the surface, however, and enters the interior of your tooth, it may be time for a root canal. Though root canals are often associated with discomfort, they can relieve or even prevent serious pain.

A root canal is like a filling, in that it is a process for removing decayed and infected material threatening your teeth. If you need a root canal, your dentist will begin by numbing the tooth and its surrounding structures. They will drill through your enamel, accessing the internal pulp chambers of your tooth. They will then remove any decay or infected materials, cleaning and sanitizing the chamber before sealing it back up. Afterward, your dentist will take an impression of the area, which is used by a lab to make a crown. You will be sent home with a temporary crown while your final crown is being designed. Once it is ready, you will return for placement. Your dentist will confirm the fit of the crown, making any necessary adjustments. They will then secure the crown using a special dental cement, and you will be ready to go.

Root canals have a negative association, but they are a safe, reliable way of preserving your natural teeth and avoiding extraction. They will relieve potentially serious pain and can restore the function and feel of your bite.

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