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Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease in East Gwillimbury

Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease in East Gwillimbury Area

Periodontal disease (or “gum disease”) is a common condition, and treatment for it includes some of the most basic dental procedures. Patients in the East Gwillimbury area can help prevent or treat periodontal disease by visiting our Dentists at Harvest Hills Dental Care. They are board-certified dentists specializing in diagnosing and treating periodontal disease for patients of all ages. They will review your symptoms and offer expert guidance on the treatment options available.

Halt Periodontal Disease in its Tracks

The most effective treatment for gum disease is prevention. Routine brushing, flossing, and regular visits with our Dentists for cleanings will go a long way in stopping gum disease before it starts. If our Dentists detect gum disease at a cleaning, they can begin treatment before the infection evolves into a more complicated issue.

Gum disease is often ignored at first, meaning many people let it go untreated. However, if untreated, gum disease will progress, leading to potentially painful symptoms and even teeth loss. Regular visits with our Dentists will make sure they have the chance to identify gum disease before it progresses. Common symptoms include:

  • Swollen or pink gums
  • Bleeding when brushing or flossing
  • Recurrent bad breath
  • Painful chewing or sensitivity
  • Changes in your teeth, such as more space or new bite sensations

If you are exhibiting any of the above, our Dentists will review your oral hygiene routines and offer more effective cleaning strategies. If an infection calls for more aggressive treatment, they may begin with a treatment called scaling and root planing. This is a deep-clean process, cleaning deeper into the pockets around your teeth than can be achieved with flossing and brushing. Infections are also treated with antibiotics.

If gum disease is allowed to progress beyond this point, more invasive treatments may be required. These can include pocket reduction surgery, gum grafts, tissue regeneration, and other more aggressive treatments. Each aims to minimize the harm done by gum disease and protect your remaining natural teeth.

Whatever your symptoms, The Dentist combines her expertise with your oral healthcare goals when developing a care plan. She will review your symptoms, medical history, and x-rays and talk you through the options available, helping you determine the best course of treatment.

Make an appointment today by calling Harvest Hills Dental Care (365) 659-1008.

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