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Where Can I Get Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in East Gwillimbury, ON?

Where Can I Get Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in East Gwillimbury, ON Area?

The expert team at Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, ON, offers professional dental implants for patients missing teeth. Dental implants are considered the strongest, most reliable replacement for your natural teeth.

What Makes Dental Implants So Strong?

Dental implants are anchored to your jawbone via a biocompatible titanium post. Through a process called osseointegration, that post is slowly integrated into your natural bone structures, giving that anchor strength and range of motion comparable to your natural teeth.

How is a Dental Implant Placed?

After talking with your dentist at Harvest Hills Dental Care, if dental implants are right for you, they’ll begin by taking comprehensive, precise images of the area being treated. Those will be used to better understand the area being restored and to manufacture a custom-made crown. Your dentist will then numb the site and access your jawbone through a small hole in your gums. Your dentist will place the end of a tiny biocompatible titanium post into your jawbone, then stitch up the area. You should feel no discomfort throughout the process. Over the course of several weeks, the treated area will heal, and your jawbone will slowly, naturally integrate the titanium post. Once this process is complete, you’ll return for the placement of your crown. The final crown can be easily screwed into place on the post, completing your dental implant.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

The expert team at Harvest Hills Dental Care has years of experience placing dental implants for patients with a variety of symptoms and needs. They bring a gentle hand and a supportive demeanor to every appointment. They can help you overcome any discomfort or anxiety you may feel while undergoing treatment. Dental implants are considered a minimally-invasive procedure, and patients experience little to no discomfort throughout treatment, thanks to localized anesthetic. After your first appointment, your dentist will go over everything you need to know to help manage any discomfort during the healing process.

How Do I Care for My Dental Implant?

Caring for your dental implant is easy. It requires little more than regular brushing and flossing and routine visits with your dentist at Harvest Hills Dental Care. If the crown becomes cracked or damaged, it can be easily replaced. Your dentist will have a replacement manufactured, which can then be screwed back onto the post.

To learn more about dental implants, or to discuss the many options for replacing a missing tooth, call the expert team at Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, ON, at (365) 659-1008.

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