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East Gwillimbury dentist offers full and partial dentures services

In East Gwillimbury Area Dentist Offers Full and Partial Dentures Services

When you lose a tooth, or multiple teeth, due to trauma or decay, it can impact more than just the appearance of your smile. It can cause the remaining teeth to shift and the face to droop without proper support. Our Dentists at Harvest Hills Dental Care in Gwillimbury, ON, has helped countless patients restore their smile with either full or partial denture services.

Restoring a missing tooth

Unfortunately, permanent teeth aren’t always permanent. Lack of dental care can lead to tooth decay or gum disease leading to a tooth needing to be extracted. Or an accident, a fall, or a fly ball at a baseball game can cause trauma to the mouth and the loss of a tooth. Regardless of how and why you’ve lost a tooth, finding an affordable solution to fill the gap is critical to regaining your self-confidence.  

If you’ve lost a tooth recently, you’re likely hearing about options like bridges, implants, crowns, and dentures. When cost is part of your decision-making criteria, patients often choose dentures as they are typically the least expensive option. However, even with dentures, you have several options.

Denture choices

Full and Partial Dentures Services at Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury Area

Dr. Jifri helps her patients choose between partial and full dentures that are either permanent or removable. Choosing between partial and full dentures is typically determined by whether you have one, a few, or a complete set of teeth to replace. Partial dentures are used when you only have one or several teeth to replace, while full dentures are a complete set of upper or lower dentures. Additionally, patients will have to consider whether they want to remove their dentures each night or if they would prefer to have dentures that are permanently placed.  

Regardless of which version of dentures you select, it’s important to know that dentures today are not the same dentures that your grandmother used to have. Today dentures are created to be so natural-looking that no one will ever know they aren’t looking at your original teeth. Also, dentures are comfortable and secure, allowing you to eat just about anything you’d like and speak crisply and clearly.

For more information about your tooth replacement options, call us today at (365) 659-1008 to schedule a consultation.

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