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Fixed dentures that replace an entire arch of teeth without compromising on function

Fixed Complete Denture in East Gwillimbury ON Area

When you think about dentures, unnatural-looking dentures that are prone to slipping and falling out are probably what comes to mind. While this was undoubtedly true of dentures decades ago, dental technologies have come a long way since then, and today’s patients can benefit from dentures that look and feel great. At Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, we offer patients a variety of tooth replacement options, including fixed complete dentures: the gold standard in denture technology.  

What are fixed complete dentures?

Also called implant-supported dentures or implant-retained dentures, fixed dentures blend the stability, durability, and oral health benefits of dental implants with the affordability of a denture to replace an entire arch of teeth. Rather than placing dental implants for every tooth, a small number of implants (typically four to eight) are strategically placed in the dental arch, and the denture is then affixed to the implants. The result is a complete set of beautiful, natural-looking teeth that don’t slip, move, or cause gum irritation.

Benefits of fixed dentures

Fixed dentures are designed to simulate the function and appearance of natural teeth for the best long-term results and oral health. Both patients and dentists love fixed dentures because they:

  • Help preserve your jawbone, preventing the naturally occurring deterioration after tooth loss.
  • Offer superior stability and functionality without the worry of slipping or falling out.
  • Improve your smile with their natural-looking appearance
  • Help you regain your capacity to chew your food correctly – with no restrictions on what you eat.
  • Enable you to speak normally again after tooth loss
  • Are designed for durability and longevity, the implants can last a lifetime if you take good care of your oral health.
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Crafting a smile that is uniquely yours

At Harvest Hills Dental Care, we are committed to offering tailored solutions that fit every patient’s unique lifestyle, oral health needs, budget, and treatment preferences. To schedule your consultation at our East Gwillimbury office and learn about the tooth replacement options that suit your needs, call (365) 659-1008 today!

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