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Expert Services for Patients in Need of Dentures in East Gwillimbury, ON

Expert Services for Patients in Need of Dentures in East Gwillimbury, ON Area

Missing teeth can affect your self-confidence, making you uncomfortable with your smile’s appearance. If left untreated, they can also cause more serious aesthetic and health-related issues.

The dentists at Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, ON are board-certified dentists specializing in treating patients of all ages. They have years of experience working with patients who have lost their teeth due to old age or unexpected trauma, or who are preparing to have teeth extracted. They can talk you through the many restoration services available, including partial or full dentures, or implant supported dentures. These different treatments can not only restore your smile, but they will also protect your jawbone, gums, and internal structures.

What to Expect from Your Dentures

Your teeth work together as a team, supporting one another and keeping each other in line. When a tooth is missing, the others are more likely to drift or shift, becoming misaligned. If all your teeth are missing, it can slowly erode your jawbone, leading to what is known as a “collapsed” face.

Dentures are an affordable, effective restoration for patients missing all, or large portions, of their teeth. Implants are easily placed.

The dentists at Harvest Hills specialize in several different kinds of dentures, including:

  • Implant Supported Dentures, which are anchored by supports integrated into your jawbone, making them the closest approximation to natural teeth in look and feel
  • Partial Dentures, which fit into your dental arch and can be used to replace segments of missing teeth
  • Full Dentures, which are a full set of false teeth custom-made to restore your smile and bite

You will go over the options at your first appointment, discussing the benefits of every possible approach. Together, you and your dentist will make a treatment plan that best corresponds to your needs. The dentists at Harvest Hills emphasize education and communication, and they will answer any questions you may have, making sure you are comfortable and confident in your care every step of the way.

To learn more about dentures, and whether they are right for you, schedule an appointment for a consultation at Harvest Hills Dental Care today by calling (365) 659-1008.

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