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Dentists describe the best dental hygiene routine for all patients

Dental Hygiene in East Gwillimbury area

At Harvest Hills Dental Care of East Gwillimbury, Ontario, patients have the opportunity to learn from dental professionals about the benefits of taking good care of their teeth and gums. But they might not know how. Our doctors can educate patients on keeping their smiles healthy outside of routine dental visits. How can I keep my smile healthy? There are several key steps to maintaining good dental hygiene that dentists recommend for all patients, regardless of age or oral health status. These include: Brushing your teeth at least twice each day with fluoride toothpaste. Brushing your teeth is an effective … Continue reading

Do dental hygienists offer preventative dentistry services?

Dental Hygienist Services in East Gwillimbury ON area

Taking good care of the smile, both at home and with regular dental visits, is critical to ensuring a healthy smile for life. At Harvest Hills Dental Care of Newmarket, Ontario, our dentists recommend maintaining preventative dentistry with dental hygienist services to reduce the potential for expensive and damaging issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Understanding the importance of preventive dentistry is the first step to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums! What is preventative dentistry, and is this a service offered by a dental hygienist? Our dentists describe preventative dentistry as maintaining good dental hygiene through … Continue reading

Where can I find local dental hygiene services for my children?

Dental Hygiene Services for Children in East Gwillimbury Area

Participating in proper dental hygiene services is an important aspect of achieving oral health and wellness. This includes visits to the dental office for cleanings and evaluations. When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, the dentists at Harvest Hills Dental Care in Newmarket, Ontario, can assist both adults and children! Dental hygiene services are readily available for patients seeking a practice “near me” that offers care for patients of all ages! What is considered a dental hygiene service? A dental hygiene service is best described as any treatment performed at a dental office that focuses on preventing common oral … Continue reading

Can poor oral hygiene be cured?

Can Poor Oral Hygiene Be Cured in East Gwillimbury Area

Visiting the dentist regularly and taking care of the teeth and gums with brushing and flossing at home is the foundation of good oral health and wellness. However, some patients with dental anxiety may not see their dentist for routine appointments, and some may not prioritize their oral health and wellness. This is when problems can occur, including cavities and periodontal disease. At Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, our team can educate patients on what happens when oral hygiene is not managed correctly and what can be done about it. Can poor oral hygiene be cured? Poor oral hygiene … Continue reading

What is the most common oral hygiene problem?

What is the Most Common Oral Hygiene Problem in East Gwillimbury Area

Maintaining a healthy smile is important to ensure that you keep your teeth and gums throughout your life. The Harvest Hills Dental Care team in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, is here to help educate you on how to keep the smile healthy with home hygiene habits and regular dental visits. Our office is committed to providing you with the education you need to understand how important oral hygiene habits are. What is the most common oral hygiene problem? A variety of dental hygiene issues can arise, which may require the assistance of a dental professional. Common dental problems include the following: Tooth decay Periodontal … Continue reading

How Can I Maintain My Oral Hygiene Naturally?

How Can I Maintain My Oral Hygiene Naturally East Gwillimbury

Good oral hygiene habits are essential for your overall health, as they help to protect against tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to maintain oral hygiene without relying on commercial products or expensive dental treatments. Drs. Jameela Jifri, Ali Mazarei, and Savita Singh of Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, offer a few dental hygiene tips to keep your smile healthy and beautiful! Brush twice a day. Brushing the teeth at least twice daily is one of the most effective ways to keep your mouth healthy. Make sure you use an appropriate toothbrush with soft bristles … Continue reading

Dentist near me offering dental hygienic services for patients

Dental Hygienic Services Near Me East Gwillimbury Area

Good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining optimal dental health. It includes brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing regularly, and visiting the dentist at least once a year for professional cleanings and checkups. Taking care of your teeth can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems that can lead to pain and discomfort, as well as costly treatments down the road. Patients in the East Gwillimbury, Ontario area, interested in learning about dental hygienic services and ways to care for their smile are encouraged to book an appointment with the Harvest Hills Dental Care team. Why is it important to see … Continue reading

What services are provided by a dental hygienist?

Dental Hygienist Services in East Gwillimbury Area

Keeping the smile healthy starts with home care, including regular brushing and flossing to remove food particles and plaque. However, it is also essential that you and every member of your family visit a professional dentist for a cleaning and evaluation regularly. These preventative services can reduce the risk of developing problems such as periodontal disease or tooth decay that can significantly affect the smile. The Harvest Hills Dental Care team in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, can assist with routine services performed by our dental hygienists. What is a dental hygienist? A dental hygienist is an important member of the dental … Continue reading

Professional Dental Hygienist Services at Harvest Hills Dental Care

Best Dental Hygienist Services Near Me In East Gwillimbury

Dental hygienists work directly with dentists to provide quality care for patients. They are one of the first people you see when seated in the dentist’s chair. At Harvest Hills Dental Care, our team works with patients to ensure they are comfortable during their treatment to build a higher level of trust and respect. East Gwillimbury, Ontario, patients visiting our practice will have many services provided by our hygienist team. What Are Some Services Provided by a Dental Hygienist? Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) – This procedure helps remove tartar (hardened plaque) and stains from teeth. It is essential to have this … Continue reading

Services provided by a dental hygienist

Dental Hygienist Treatment in East Gwillimbury ON Area

When you make an appointment in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, with the Harvest Hills Dental Care team, you will meet several friendly faces at our facility. Our office provides a wide range of services and treatments, and we invite you to learn more about them. That includes learning more about our dental hygienists and how vital they are to our practice. Patients in and around the area who arrive at our practice for care will interact with a dental hygienist before they see the dentist. Knowing the purpose of the dental hygienists and the treatments and services they provide is essential! … Continue reading

What Dental Hygiene services are available near me?

Dental Hygiene Services in East Gwillimbury ON Area

When you call our front office at Harvest Hills Dental Care in East Gwillimbury, Ontario, for a dental cleaning and evaluation, you will typically be making an appointment with our dental hygienists first. They are one of the first people you meet when you sit in the dental chair and will help guide you through the process of your dental treatments. What does a dental hygienist do? Dental hygienists play a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of our patients. As such, some of their responsibilities and services they provide include: Reviewing the patient’s dental and health historyTaking dental x-rays and other … Continue reading

Keep Your Dental Hygiene in Check with Our Skilled Hygienists at Harvest Hills Dental Care

Dental Hygienist in Newmarket ON Area

While brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day can keep your smile healthy, it is not always enough. By visiting the dentist every six months as recommended by the American Dental Association, patients can take another proactive step to maintain their oral health and wellness. This is because of dental hygiene services and education from your local dental hygienist! Newmarket, Ontario, patients who are in need of a thorough cleaning and evaluation are strongly encouraged to call Harvest Hills Dental Care for their first appointment! Dental hygiene services in Newmarket, Ontario  The dental team at Harvest Hills Dental Care … Continue reading

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